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2ND EDITION IN PROGRESS. Will be available soon. Thank you.

A Ranger’s Revenge 
is an historical action western based on actual events in Civil War Texas. Ranger Captain Alan Ford is called upon to solve the heinous murder of a prominent young Mexican girl in the Town of Black River. The crime sets off a two year search for the serial killer team responsible.

During the investigation, Ford finds himself struggling for survival against both the Comanche and the Union Army. The two year search takes him through Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico and culminates after the battle at Adobe Walls.

Along the way, Ford becomes entangled in Civil War plots, Comanche customs, and Plains Indian issues that open his eyes to the conditions and politics of the Civil War west.


2ND EDITION IN PROGRESS. Will advise when ready.

Lucas Adams was born in the South, but his quest for adventure and a freer sort of life led him to the Great Plains. There he would become both witness to and participant in one of the great conflicts of his time: The struggle between the growing United States of America and the Native Americans who occupied the land so attractive to settlers.
Between Reveille and Taps: Life of a Great Plains Drifter, follows Lucas, once a scout for the 7th Cavalry, as he befriends the Native Americans considered hostile by his government.  
From his first encounter with George Armstrong Custer to the slaughter at Wounded Knee Creek, Lucas sees the battles from a unique perspective, making his story particularly insightful.

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