The American Exceptionalism Series

American Exceptionalism is the widely held belief that Americans have advanced to such an extent that we are truly exceptional in all things. During the 19th century, that belief was carried to the degree that many believed God actually endorsed our right of expansion, no matter what the cost in moral values.

Between Reveille and Taps and A Ranger's Revenge are the first two books expounding on that attitude. Comanche Gold, the sequel to A Ranger's Revenge, finds Captain Alan Ford and Lucas Adams on opposite sides of the search for stolen gold. During the adventure, readers will discover wealthy secret societies, plots to overthrow governments, and many Native American customs and beliefs.

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Something out of Character

Through the eye of an Assassin, is a modern day suspense story featuring a Native American protagonist. This is book one of a series titled "The Rick Davis Crime Series."  Although he was born on the Nation in Oklahoma, He left at age 17, joined the Navy, and spent the next twenty years denying his cultural heritage. Throughout the books of the series, he will discover the realities of being Cherokee, and a culture for which he should be rightly proud. Below is an introduction to book one.

Richard Davis, a down-on-his-luck retired Master Chief Navy SEAL and full blooded Cherokee is frequently awakened by a recurring nightmare about a failed operation against Osama Bin Laden. Rick is recruited into an ultra-secret, well-financed agency he believes to be an arm of the CIA designed to track and eliminate fringe radicals who pose a threat to the security of the United States. 

He soon learns things aren't what they appear to be. Quickly, he becomes entangled in kidnapping, money laundering, human trafficking, the Russian mob, and the FBI.  

Other Odd Jobs
Instructor: Native-American Culture at The University of North Georgia.
Horse Trainer and Riding Coach: Private or group lessons on your horse (s).
Writing Coach:
I assist with story development, character enhancement, and multiple plot development.
Public Speaking: Topics include Native American History & Culture; The history of the horse in America: The Civil War in the West; U.S. American Indian Policies during the 19th century and today. Lectures tailored to age groups. 
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